xCritical Platform Review: should you use it for trading?

xCritical Platform Review: should you use it for trading?

The xCritical trading platform has gained quite a huge audience since its creation. Although it still did not overtake the old classics by the number of customers, it is already on its way to the top. There are many reasons for that and most of them will be covered in our xCritical review.

xCritical Platform Review: should you use it for trading?

xCritical review: what should you know

First of all, the trading platform is regulated by the FCA. Yes, it is that authority that has got the best reputation in the field. This is a very good sign that represents the trustworthiness of the service.

Second, the company is officially registered in Cyprus and provides all the required documentation on its xCritical website. You can learn more about the terms and conditions of working with the company there. We have read the papers attentively and did not find any pitfalls.

Third, the company guarantees top security for all its clients. The software is regularly checked for breaches and is constantly updated to prevent potential hacks. This guarantees that the money that is used within the platform will not suddenly disappear. The only way to lose your funds is by withdrawing them or trading badly. That’s it, there is no third option.

Now we are going to move on to another very important factor in checking the trustworthiness of this company.

xCritical customer reviews: what do people write

We monitor a lot of trading forums, so we managed to get some direct xCritical customers reviews from professional traders. None of the questioned users wrote negative opinions about the platform, so this is considered to be a very good sign.

Alex, Germany

“xCritical is way much better than MetaTrader. It is faster, simpler, and carries more useful features than any other platform that I have ever used. This is great because it is used with the brokerage company I really liked, so I got two plusses in one place. Also, I enjoyed the simplicity of the design. Getting used to it was not difficult at all. That’s all a good sign of a user-friendly interface.”

Lana, Russia

“I was literally forced to change my broker and platform because of constant freezes that made me freak out. When I changed to xCritical, the first thing I noticed was that I didn’t even think about where each button was located. It worked out on its own. Three months later, I was ready to write a review about xCritical and here you are, asking me about what I think of the platform. I am glad that I have changed it because I have not experienced any freezes since then.”

Daniel, England

“The service is a great addition to the standard software options that are provided by most brokers. It has better features, a simpler design, and is more efficient. There is no delay in the order execution and I have never experienced any freezes while using it”.

From what we see, the service has got multiple positive customer reviews that show how good the application is. People like that there are no technical issues within the software and that it really provides a great solution for all kinds of trading strategies. It is suitable for active trading and long-term investments.

Was xCritical caught cheating its clients?

Despite the fact that you can find negative reviews on the Internet like “xCritical scam” or “xCritical cheating” there have been no issues regarding xCritical deceiving its customers. The service has always worked for the good of its clients. It tries to provide the most reliable software on the market and we cannot say that it failed. Not a single client was scammed by xCritical.

During our xCritical review, we have also checked the security of the platform. The company claims that it is completely safe and has no issues within it. We know about many situations where platforms were hacked and people lost their money, so we couldn’t ignore this part. The security part is constantly updated here and there are no issues that we could find. One more plus to the trustability of the service.

xCritical Platform Review: should you use it for trading?

Why is it better than other platforms?

There are many reasons why people prefer xCritical to many other trading platforms. 

First of all, this is the execution speed. Some applications have delays which result in enormous losses when the market is highly volatile. xCritical does not cheat its customers when it says that it has got the fastest order execution. It is really instant.

Second, during our xCritical review, we have paid attention to the platform usability. It is very comfortable to use. We could intuitively navigate through the application without even knowing where the buttons were really located. This is one more positive point for the service.

Next, it is secure. The security of this software is regularly updated and there have been no significant issues in the past. Therefore, we may conclude that your money is completely safe here

The bottom line

Our xCritical review proves that the service is legit and does not cheat its clients. It is regulated by reputable authorities, has high-level security standards, and has got many positive reviews from its customers. The company has also got a good trust record without any negative issues. You can find full information on the xCritical official site.

We recommend the company from our own hands-on experience from working with its software. The quality of the applications made our experts feel very comfortable when dummy-trading and this happens very rarely with them. What about your own experience with this software?

An Khmurenko

An Khmurenko has been trading on the stock market for the last 20 years. The experienced trader offers advice for novices and provides them with an opportunity to profit from market volatility with minimal risk. An develops effective and highly profitable strategies tailor-made for each individual beginner. Not long ago, she decided to share her knowledge through tutorials and webinars.
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