Tokenexus Crypto Exchange: is it a legit service?

Tokenexus Crypto Exchange: is it a legit service?

When there are so many cryptocurrency exchanges around, you never know which one is the safest option to use. It is very easy to get deceived by a nice picture and lose your hard-earned funds. Are Tokenexus scammers too? You never know until you read as much information as possible about it. Our Tokenexus review will help you make the best decision.

Tokenexus Crypto Exchange: is it a legit service?

 Are Tokenexus scammers?

The first thing we have to look at before making any conclusions are registrations, licenses, and permits. If you scroll down the official website, you will find that Tokenexus represents all this data in one place.

  1. It is registered in Estonia on 11.07.2018, the registration number is 14524008.
  2. It has a license for providing a virtual currency wallet service # FRK000398.
  3. It has a license for Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency # FVR000432.

This already shows that the service is trustable and adds some trust to it. If it cheats its clients and steals their funds, it will lose its licenses immediately and will be banned. Therefore, the service cannot deceive its customers.

Second, we look at the general picture of the website. Scammers usually have websites that are the complete opposite of user-friendly and they do not invest a lot in it. In the case with Tokenexus, they do not look like scammers because the website is quite comfortable, there is a blog that is regularly updated, and you can even create a mobile crypto wallet.

Finally, we check out the customer reviews about Tokenexus. These will be discussed below.

Tokenexus customer reviews

Although the exchange is not new in the field, it does not have a lot of user opinions on websites like Trustpilot. It may be because people usually leave reviews when something bad happens. Nevertheless, we should note that there are many commentaries on trader forums. We have asked some users about their opinion, so below you can read what they wrote about the service.

Jayson, South Korea

“When I moved to Canada, I wanted to invest some of my money in cryptocurrency. I knew about Bitcoin, so I decided to buy some through an exchange. I randomly stumbled over Tokenexus and registered. My documents were confirmed in 1 day, so I could place my order without delay. It took a few days before the crypto was on my wallet and I did not lose a lot through the fees.”

Mary, Canada

“I have been researching cryptocurrencies since they became popular. I worked with many different exchanges, so Tokenexus did not seem to be anything special for me. What I liked was that the exchange fee was not enormous like it is with many competitors. After you register your account, it just takes a couple of clicks to place an order. Then wait for a few days and everything gets to your wallet. I was even scared that I got scammed when I found out that I have to wait for 5 days. But all my doubts disappeared when I saw the notification about the funds being sent to my wallet.”

There were no negative opinions about the service. Every member of the forum stated that they used the service without any significant issues. Most people disliked the need to wait for 5 days before the funds are sent and someone also said that they would like the commission to be less.

Basically, we can even point out some positive and negative sides of the service.

What’s good about it

  • It is easy to use
  • You can exchange money in less than a minute
  • The service is licensed
  • People leave good reviews about the service
  • The fee is lower than the one of its competitors

What’s bad about it

  • Orders are processed during 5 days
  • Only 2 fiat and 2 cryptocurrencies are available
  • Some users think the commission is too high

Tokenexus Crypto Exchange: is it a legit service?

What can be traded on Tokenexus?

The variety of tradable assets at Tokenexus is somewhat limited. See for yourself. All you can trade here is Bitcoin and Ethereum with USD and EUR. Many other exchanges have a much wider number of choices, but in our case, it might even be an advantage. If the service is based on only 2 cryptocurrencies, this means that it has to make sure they are always available no matter what happens.

How to contact the support?

Another important part of an online exchange is the customer support it provides. During our Tokenexus review, we decided to check whether the agents there are professionals and truly know their job. Actually, we were satisfied with the results. Our issues were solved upon the first requests and the agents sounded confident and professional.

In case you did not find the contact form on the website, you can use the following credentials to get help:

We recommend using the phone number because this helps to solve the issue much faster than by writing emails. This is not only our personal experience, but other users wrote about it as well. Therefore, if you need urgent assistance, you know what to do.

Final thoughts

During our Tokenexus review, we have communicated with many interesting people to ask their opinion about the service. The majority left positive commentaries from working with the service and we consider this to be a good sign of a trustworthy exchange.

Also, we have reviewed the registration and licenses, so we can be reassured that the service does not appear to be a scam. The licenses are okay and the website looks good enough to be real. Moreover, the customer support agents know their job and this, once again, shows how good Tokenexus is.

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