Is LimeFX forex broker worth your investment?

When there are so many brokers available, it is hard to choose the most profitable choice that would suit your needs. Especially if you have already read many stories about people being scammed by their brokerage companies. You have no idea how to choose a trustworthy company and start searching the web for information. If you are here, then welcome to our LimeFX review.

is limefx forex broker worth your investment?

LimeFX review: how to check whether it is trustworthy?

Before giving the service an estimate, it is important to consider all the factors that might point out a potential scam. There are so many criteria that it is always difficult to be sure until you use your money within the service.

The very first thing you should do when you analyze a brokerage service is its registration. With LimeFX, the situation is neither good nor bad. It is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an offshore zone where many companies register themselves to pay smaller taxes. This makes work more profitable for themselves and their customers.

Let us move on to the customer reviews. Generally, the LimeFX customer reviews are mostly positive. You cannot find a lot of opinions in the open, but on specialized trading forums, there are many people who are the clients of this service. Some examples will be provided a bit later.

Further on, we should check the company’s website. Its usability often determines the trustworthiness of the service. If it is legit, then the website will have many features, explanations, promotions, and often a blog. Scammers usually do not invest anything in their websites and this makes them look terrible.

Finally, try contacting the customer support. Professional brokers mostly have real experts that are support specialists. They should be able to answer any of your questions within a couple of seconds. The professionalism of the team always determines the trustability of a company.

Customer reviews after working with LimeFX

Another crucial point to finding out whether a broker is a scam or not is by reading the user opinions. With this company, there are not many commentaries outside specialized forums. We have searched for several LimeFX customer reviews within them and this is what we managed to get.

Alex, Germany

“Having the ability to invest your own money in cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities is a must-have. You never know what is going to happen to your currency. My prime goal with LimeFX was to invest my cash and make sure it does not burn with time. However, their manager convinced me to try out the trading system. Luckily, I have watched a couple of trading lessons on the website before doing anything, so I even managed to make some profits from the very beginning. This motivated me to trade on, and so my profits grew every month.”

Hannah, Mexico

“In Mexico, not many people are aware of trading and the whole thing. When I found out about LimeFX, I was sure that it is a waste of time and money. Their manager called me and offered to explain how the whole thing works. It got my interest and I decided to invest my “black day money”. The manager guided me through my first trades, so I managed to earn something from the first attempts. In less than 2 months, I could completely withdraw my investment and kept on trading with the money that I have earned. I am very grateful to LimeFX for giving me such a great opportunity to earn money from home without having to go to an actual job.

Generally speaking, the service has a huge number of positive reviews. People are grateful for having an opportunity to earn money without having to leave their homes. This is a very important part during the whole lockdown period!

is limefx forex broker worth your investment?

Is LimeFX a fraud?

If you have read the previous two parts of this review, you would have already got an answer to this question. LimeFX is not a scam because it is officially registered, regulated by reputable authorities, and has all the signs of a trustworthy service.

Most of our attention is focused on the customer reviews provided by amateur and pro traders. People like using the service, so this means that they truly make profits on it and are not deceived by the company. The clients like low commissions, user-friendly software, and useful customer support. 


Can you contact the customer support at LimeFX?

In one of our points, we have mentioned that contacting the customer support may clarify many details about the broker. You can try that out on your own by using the following credentials:

There also is a contact form that can be used to quickly type your question and get a response via email or phone number. It all depends on the agent and the urgency of your issue.

By the way, we recommend that you use the phone number for urgent issues. With emails, it may take up to several business days before an answer is received. Phone numbers make things significantly faster and easier.

The verdict

LimeFX is definitely not a scam. The service provides a high-quality service to all its customers no matter what country they come from. The fees are low enough to make high profits and there are no issues like freezes or slippage. Customer support here is very professional. The withdrawals are almost never delayed, so we recommend working with LimeFX.

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