IronFX Forex Broker Overview

IronFX Forex Broker Overview

IronFX is a global financial services provider with a trading career laden with several awards and recognitions. This broker has cultivated global presence in the trading industry, offering quality services to all types of traders. 


IronFX Security and Licenses


IronFX offers multi-asset trading services from its Cypriot headquarters. Other than that, it has established multiple offices globally, including those in Latin America, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Still, its presence is most popularly known in several large cities, like London and Sydney. Because of its offices worldwide, IronFX holds regulatory statuses in different jurisdictions. 


Its headquarters operates under the regulation of the CySEC. Moreover, this broker also holds the right to operate in Europe under the FCA United Kingdom, as well as in Australia under the ASIC. Lastly, it is also registered in South Africa under the FSB. Further background checking states that IronFX has partnered with FC Barcelona, a well-known global bank that is committed to provide secure and safe banking to its clients. Also, IronFX launched an ICO in 2019 and was certified in Bermuda under Notesco Financial Services Ltd. in 2020. This came after the broker shut down many of its offices internationally, including those in China, Italy, and New Zealand. 

IronFX Forex Broker Overview

IronFX Platform Services


IronFX offers many services in different markets, allowing traders to access a variety of global financial instruments. This broker provides convenient features and tools that let traders maximize opportunities and potential profits. 



MT4 is a wildly popular trading platform whose forte is foreign exchange trading. It has been the gold standard for platforms in the industry for many years because of its high-level technology and efficiency in use. It is fit for both professionals and beginners since it offers a wide scope of usability but with a simple interface that is easy to navigate. This platform has over hundreds of built-in tools and indicators, multiple charts, and timeframes. Definitely, it is among the best platforms out there and has proven its efficacy in executing complex strategies and trades. Moreover, it offers a customization feature that allows each trader to personalize it to their preference in order to optimize their trading experience. This platform is highly preferred by both users and critics. 


IronFX Trading Accounts


This broker knows the importance of a variety of options for a diverse client base. Therefore, it offers seven accounts to choose from, almost half of which use STP/ECN conditions. Below are the specifications of each one:


  1. Live Accounts: This first batch of trading accounts use spreads that are either fixed or floating, and are preferable for beginners to experts. 
    1. Micro: This account specifies a minimum deposit of $100, a leverage that can go up to 1:1000, but spreads that usually begin at 1.8 pips.
    2. Premium: Similar to the first account, this one specifies a leverage that can go up to 1:1000 upon request, but with spreads that begin at 1.6 pips. However, the deposit amount must at least be $1,000. 
    3. VIP: This offers the cheapest possible  spreads among the first three accounts, beginning at 1.4 pips. The leverage is also at 1:1000, but the deposit required does not come cheap, which is $10,000.
    4. Zero Fixed: From its name, the trader can expect to use spreads that begin at 0 pip with this account. It also offers a leverage of 1:500 and a slightly more affordable deposit at $500. 


  1. STP ECN Accounts: As already stated above, these next few accounts use STP/ECN specifications, which are preferred by many traders in the industry. 
    1. No Commissions: As implied by its name, this account is commission-less regardless of the size of the position. Moreover, it offers a 1:200 leverage with a 1.7-pip spread, all accessible after the trader successfully deposits $500. 
    2. Zero Spread: This one uses 0-pip spreads. It specifies a 1:200 leverage with a deposit of $500.
    3. Absolute Zero: For this account, the deposit needed is $500, with a leverage of 1:200. Typically, spreads begin at 0.3 pips. 

IronFX Forex Broker Overview

IronFX Trading School


IronFX offers a wide scope of trading tools and materials that will help each trader, no matter the level of skill, make profitable trades. One of its most useful tools is the Economic Calendar, which is handy in mapping the possible price movement of a particular asset, or in evaluating the market sentiment in relation to global political and economic events. This broker also offers a free forex strategy course where traders can pick and learn a specific strategy to increase their skills. It is suitable for beginning traders, as well as experts who may need a refresher every now and then. 


IronFX Conclusion


IronFX is a global broker that offers a variety of opportunities for the novice and the expert trader. It offers good trading conditions, as well as high-level security that ensures the safety of clients’ funds and data. Overall, this broker is highly recommended to trade with for all types of traders.

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