Forex education

What is Amana Capital?

The group is comprised of four main entities that are located is several locations – Amana Financial Services in the UK, Amana Capital in Lebanon, Amana Capital in Cyprus, and in the United Arab Emirates. ... Read more

How does psychology affect trade

A trading mindset or more commonly known as trading psychology is considered the paramount guideline when it comes to trading. As disclosed in most of trading psychology books, traders are subject to quick decision-making, need to be attentive, need... Read more

What is day trading?

Day trading is the process of executing short-term trades; the longest would be within the day. It is called day trading (3. Day trading strategies for beginners) because you must open and close your position within that day’s market hours and before... Read more

The Pin Bar Trading Strategy

As shown in the photo above, the market comes in contact with the resistance then steadies on that level, but soon enough breaks above it. When the chart shows that the market breaks above the resistance level, that resistance now turns into the new... Read more

Forex Trading Strategy: 5 EMA and 8 EMA

The short term moving average crossing over denotes that the short term trend has changed and the direction of the cross should be used for trade. The process of this strategy works very simple. 5 EMA and 8 EMA serve as indicators. If 5 EMA crosses 8... Read more

Using Inside Bar Forex Trading Strategy

If you are the kind of trader who cannot allocate their entire time on trading and have other matters to attend to daily, or if you are interested in selling and wants to get into it, this type of Forex trading strategy is perfect for you. ... Read more