LexaTrade Forex Broker: Company Background and Security

LexaTrade Forex Broker: Company Background and Security

LexaTrade is an up-and-coming global brokerage firm that offers services in cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities trading. It offers a wide range of features and services that fit all levels of traders, especially professionals. 


LexaTrade is a trading brand of Swissone Group Ltd., a company headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, according to the LexaTrade official site https://lexatrade.com/. It is under the regulation of the IFMRRC or the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center, which is a trusted independent regulatory agency that oversees the trading operations of different brokerage firms. With that said, LexaTrade faithfully complies with the rules and standards set by this regulatory body. 


As part of its security, LexaTrade implements a string of security measures that keep operations and client safety in check. One of these would be its strict deposit and withdrawal processes. LexaTrade offers different ways to deposit funds into client accounts, and this broker also accepts major debit and credit cards, as well as e-payments and bank transfers. However, once the client has chosen which payment method to use in depositing funds, it must also be the only way to withdraw his or her funds. This strict method is used to ensure that only the client itself is accessing his funds, and that no other entity is attempting cyber theft. 


Furthermore, a strict payment method such as this one keeps online hackers and cyber thieves from transferring the client’s funds into another in order to be stolen. An added security in keeping this security measure placed is the fact that LexaTrade only partners with respected global banks in handling its clients’ and its own corporate funds. One of LexaTrade’s consistent principles over years of service is the safety net of its clients. Trading entails many risks in itself, which is why this broker does what it can to protect its clients from third-party dangers. In part, these security measures are also implemented to avoid notions that LexaTrade scams its clients, as well as to dispel claims of LexaTrade cheating

LexaTrade Forex Broker: Company Background and Security

LexaTrade Services: Trading Platforms 


LexaTrade, like most brokers, offers the MetaTrader as one of its primary trading platforms. This is due to the fact that both professional and beginning traders can execute their own trading styles on the MetaTrader platform. However, this may not be LexaTrade’s strongest platform. This broker offers its own online proprietary platform called LexaTrade web platform, an intuitive and sophisticated platform that incorporates the broker’s own unique features in trading. 

  • MetaTrader4: The MT4 web terminal is a secure and customizable trading platform that caters to different levels of traders. This platform, developed by MetaQuotes, has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that offers high-quality terminal work and advanced technology. It is compatible with a large selection of browsers and has the capacity to combine different commercial operations. It has built-in technical indicators and tools, and has the ability to execute any strategy of any level of complexity. It has been a popular choice with traders ever since it was launched in 2005. 


  • LexaTrade web platform: The LexaTrade website states that its proprietary platform combines speed and functionality in one. It offers highly convenient features and a clean interface that lets beginning traders easily navigate it. This platform has great terminals, more than 170 trading instruments, tools, and indicators, and a timely risk management that paves the way for low-risk, profitable trading. Overall, this platform offers great features and quality trading experience for all. 


  • XCritical mobile app: The XCritical mobile app is a widely known platform often used by traders in replacement of web and desktop platforms. This mobile app is very convenient and functional, allowing traders to manage, trade, and execute positions whenever and wherever they go. This platform offers hassle-free trading that allows retail and institutional traders to trade without any delay. This app opens a window of possibilities through its speed and functionality, allowing users to set stop loss and take profit levels, track price movements, check forex forecasts, and view trading history on their phones. 

LexaTrade Forex Broker: Company Background and Security

LexaTrade Services: Tools and Analytics


LexaTrade offers a good range of trading tools and materials that aid users in everyday trading. These tools allow them to spot market opportunities, assess their risk/reward profiles, and use complex strategies to make profitable trades. Below are some of the trading tools and research materials offered by LexaTrade


  1. Economic Calendar: An Economic Calendar keeps track of significant market events, including financial, political, and economic global events. Here, traders can view global news and events that may put their open positions at risk or at a better angle. Generally, the Economic Calendar offers daily knowledge about the markets to better equip traders in making decisions. It also allows them to see forecasts for different assets, and whether a particular instrument is a good investment. 
  2. Daily Economic News: A range of market news about global events, especially economic and political, are essential for the market. These events can determine the outcomes of thousands of trades, move the tide against a specific position, and put investors at risk. These are only some of the reasons why daily news is offered by every broker, so that its traders have general information about global events that may affect their trades. 


  1. Education Center: LexaTrade’s own education center is subdivided into three: webinars, trading courses, and a reviewer. Generally, the information and learning materials on the education center are curated to beginners who are looking to acquire a wider set of skills. Webinars and trading courses are great for traders who want to know more about foreign exchange and trading in other markets, while the reviewer is great for traders looking for a refresher to their memory. 


LexaTrade Forex Broker Reviews: Scammed by LexaTrade?


There are numerous LexaTrade broker reviews on the internet, detailing the best features and services of this broker, as well as breaking down its advantages and disadvantages. Like every other broker, LexaTrade has been praised in various client reviews, but it also had its fair share of negative feedback. 


In many LexaTrade reviews, it has been highlighted that this broker has a lot to offer. Its wide range of trading platforms and a sophisticated set of tools and research materials attract many traders. Its competitive trading conditions and diverse range of trading accounts are also an advantage. It has helped thousands of traders make profitable trades and continues to rise up on the ranks of established global brokers. LexaTrade has maintained a clean reputation through abiding by the rules and regulations set by the IFMRRC over years of service. 


LexaTrade has barely any negative reviews from critics and professional reviewers, and claims of LexaTrade scammers and other forms of financial theft are rare. This broker has stuck with its core principles of trading, which are transparency and reliability. LexaTrade continually provides excellent services in stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities trading to a wide client base. Both beginners and professionals are recommended to trade with this broker. 


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