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How To Do Parallel Programming In Python?

You’ll also need to structure your application so that the parallel tasks don’t step over each other’s work nor create contention for shared resources such as memory and input/output channels. Concurrent programming is not equivalent to parallel exec... Read more

Pep 8 Style Guide For Python Code

Documented interfaces are considered public, unless the documentation explicitly declares them to be provisional or internal interfaces exempt from the usual backwards compatibility guarantees. All undocumented interfaces should be assumed to be inte... Read more

Testing Rest Api With Postman And Curl

Using the API works great, but the development process can get tedious at times because you have to make a request to see what data your application uses. Create a button on the error detail page that enables you to copy and paste the cURL syntax for... Read more

Correct Use For Angular

In the footer template file, add two buttons in a button group to change languages between Chinese and English. English and Deutsch you can not add in mapping languages file. But it is better to write it in translate directive but not in plain text.... Read more