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Numerical Differentiation Methods In Python

Fixed issue #9 Backward differentiation method fails with additional parameters. Updated README.rst with info about how to install it using conda in an anaconda package. Moved import of matplotlib.pyplot to main in order to avoid import error on trav... Read more

Linear Programming With Gurobipy In Python

You now know what linear programming is and how to use Python to solve linear programming problems. You also learned that Python linear programming libraries are just wrappers around native solvers. When the solver finishes its job, the wrapper retur... Read more

Which Python Web Frameworkdjango Or Django

It won’t take you through a complete end-to-end application, unlike some other framework tutorials, but it’s still useful. The docs come with handy notes on deployment in virtual hosts, reverse proxying via Apache and Nginx, and many other scenarios.... Read more

Image Manipulation

NumPy provides you with a way to represent images as a multi-dimensional array. Many other image processing, computer vision, and machine learning libraries utilize NumPy so it’s paramount to have it installed. While PIL and Pillow are great for simp... Read more